More than I can chew?

Well I have started 2 more PIDP courses this week. I am wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew since it is also the start of the sailing season and Sail Nelson is getting very busy. But, alas, I am a sucker for punishment I guess.


Image credit: image retrieved from Overthinking

This week I am focusing on reading through our course textbooks and familiarizing myself with the new content and our instructor expectations. Once again, reflective writing assignments are needed and so I’m working on a couple of quotes for my first assignment and leaning towards either:

“Simply having experiences does not imply that they are reflected on, understood or analyzed critically. Individual experiences can be distorted, self-fulfilling, unexamined and constraining.” (p. 12)  or;  “I find myself repeatedly frustrated by not achieving an unblemished record of expressed student satisfaction for every week of the course.” (p. 38). (Brookfield, 2015).
I think I would focus on the first one this time around as I am really noticing that my students need to understand what they are doing and why to really get the most out of their courses. They need to exercise critical thinking, experience self-assessment and receive constructive feedback from me during the course. This can be a tall order to fit into a course when you are dealing with more nature.
Photo retrieved from Wikimedia Commons
Well ready or not it is time to get to work. I’ll keep you updated!

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