Professional Development Plan

I’ve been giving this post some real thought. Where do I go from here? I will be done my Provincial Instructor Diploma Program after this course (and capstone project) and I really want to put it to good use.


I have a 5-year plan with Sail Nelson where I would like the business and my teaching to go. My one to two year plan is to re-certify my Intermediate Cruising Instructor certification (Spring 2019) and to complete a Coastal Navigation course to offer to my students (Fall 2019). In order to do this I will have to travel to the Coast to complete a team-teaching course and then send in a request to Sail Canada noting why it would be beneficial for me to offer navigation courses in Nelson. My longer term goal is to set up a sailing club or co-op for students who have completed courses through Sail Nelson (or other recognized sailing schools) where they can take out boats for day sailing.

As part of my Sail Nelson business, I plan to create more piktocharts and branded information for my students that I can offer free on my website. I also plan to go through my course curriculum and more clearly define my objectives and try to update my course delivery methods to make them a little more interesting. I will purchase a tablet that can be used on the boat for diagrams and teaching materials.

On a non-sailing note, I plan to take more business driven courses to continue to learn about how to run a business. I hope to find a mentor I can work with within the sailing business community.  I also plan to take more advanced first aid training as I feel that my basic first aid courses are inadequate.

The PIDP has provided me with some solid insights into which direction I want to take my business and how to go about accomplishing that through my teaching. I still have a lot of questions and a lot of growing to do, but at least now I have a better idea of where to look and how to make them a reality.

Captain Penny

Professional Development Steps

  1. Assess current course demand & note any new courses for next year.
  2. Update course lesson plans & create updated online templates and handouts.
  3. Prepare for Intermediate Instructor Re-cert.
  4. Update Navigation lesson plans and curriculum.
  5. Marketing plan changes for 2019.
  6. Register for advanced first aid course early 2019.
  7. Community Futures business course calendar.
  8. Continue to meet monthly with business coach.
  9. Find a mentor.

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